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October 2017
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reviewed: Deliciously dark & intense - Blood Divine by Greg Howard
This paranormal mystery has some Southern Gothic flair to it while also being set in the modern day world. Cooper Causey star...
Blood Divine - Greg  Howard
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reviewed: Full of action and time-rending bugs! Time Reavers by Jacob Holo
Time manipulators, a secret society based in the secret city of Chronopolis, and the Reavers (giant bugs) make this a hell of...
Time Reavers - Jacob Holo
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reviewed: A chilling zombie tale! Summer of 68 by Kevin Millikin
This story started with reports coming in to radio stations across the USA reporting the dead rising and eating the living. O...
Summer Of 68 - Kevin Millikin
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reviewed: Interesting even if it lags occasionally - Lost in the Clouds by R. K. Gold
Neville is quite the ordinary man, neither a saint nor a devil. He’s got some hangups but also some righteous anger. As he dr...
Lost in the Clouds - R.K. Gold
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reviewed: A fun LGBTQ fractured fairytale - Ballad of the Beanstalk by Amy McNulty
Clarion is our quiet, determined hero of this story. She’s on the cusp of adulthood and this adventure will catapult her into...
Ballad of the Beanstalk - Amy McNulty
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reviewed: Practical skills from one generation to the next - Trapping Rabbits by John Isaac Jones
This little piece of historical fiction centers on Billy Johnson. In 1951, he’s just a kid and it’s plowing season. Billy’s d...
Trapping Rabbits - John Isaac Jones
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reviewed: 80s music rocks in this SF thriller! The Punch Escrow by Tal M. Klein
Wow! Yeah, that sums up my experience with this book. I really enjoyed it. There’s tons of science-y bits, and you know how I...
The Punch Escrow - Tal M. Klein, Matthew Mercer
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