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Why did I wait so long to enjoy this!?! Where the Hell is Tesla? by Rob Dircks

Where the Hell is Tesla? - Rob Dircks

Haha! This was so much fun! Why did I wait so long to give this a listen?!? Chip is such an interactive character. He’s always talking to me, the audience. He has a lot of cheek and often screams in terror. Luckily he has the much more down to Earth and competent Pete to get him out of trouble. Pete started off as a bit of a jock and I wasn’t too sure I would like him but he quickly grew on me.

Later on we get to know Tesla, yes the mad scientist, as a character. Don’t call him dude. He will correct you. Then there’s also Bobo, some weird alien thing that Chip befriends as he bumbles his way around the hallway of inter-dimensions. Bobo quickly picks up the middle finger salute, thinking it is some sort of greeting.

The ladies were noticeable in that they were largely absent. Chip often messages his girlfriend Julie and later on we meet the talented Meg but I found myself wanting a little more gender balance. That is my only quibble and I quite enjoyed this tale despite the lack of ladies.

The quest itself was full of fun. I love the way nearly everything is captured in a kind of journal form either through email messages or journal entries in Tesla’s newly rediscovered notebook. Chip, Pete, and Bobo kind of turn into modern-day superheroes. Luckily, they haven’t taken up wearing spandex.

The humor is what did it for me. It’s a mix of snark, slap stick, cursing, and absurd situations. This mix really worked for as I was never sure of what Chip would end up in next and how that would make me laugh. This is a very fun science fiction story with unique characters trapped in an absurd situation.

I received a free copy of this book.

The Narration: Rob Dircks isn’t just an entertaining author, he’s also great at narration. I loved his narration of his other book The Wrong Unit so I knew I was in good hands with this audiobook. Each character voice is distinct, his female voices are believable, and he puts so much life into the characters! All around, he’s just really great at this. There are no technical issues either – sound quality is perfect, no mouth noises, no repeated sentences or such. Great narration!