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A Fun Rowdy Ride! Curse of the Zombie Omelet by Grivante

The Zee Brothers : Zombie Exterminators - Grivante

This was a fun zombie flick. There’s plenty of humor mixed with a little death and gore. Apparently zombies are a regular issue and there’s specialized exterminator companies out there to see to all your zombie needs. The Zee brothers get a call from an old penny pincher but arrive too late to save him. It quickly becomes clear that they’ll have a much bigger problem soon if they don’t stop the angry dead from rising.

I have a thing for stories that feature old disturbed burial grounds complete with angry ghosts rising to kick someone’s butt for disturbing them. For this tale, that happens to be the burial grounds of a local Native American tribe. It was quite fun to watch the boys scramble around trying to figure out what got these spirits so riled up and how to appease them now.

In steps JJ. For some reason she’s wearing tight shorts and a zipped up leather jacket… in Arizona… and I don’t think it’s winter. She also has a cute little pink gun. Now I’m all for tales that feature both genders going armed but I’ve never been fond of pink guns. On the other hand, JJ obviously knows what to do with said gun so if she wants a pink one, I guess it’s OK. For much of the tale, JJ is a sex object. Sigh… But then she takes down her share of zombies and protects the Zees’s backs a few times. So I’m on the fence about her character. We’ll see if she gets more of a useful role in the future.

Jonah and Judas make a fun pair because Jonah is a bit gruff and likes to be in charge while Judas is a lovable bumbling eager lad that wants to impress Jonah, and later JJ. Though I don’t think Judas will be getting many kisses with his tobacco chew habit – blech! I think I rather kiss a zombie! Jonah is missing some fingers and he doesn’t want to talk about it, grumpy man! While they are constantly jabbing each other, they each protect the other. It’s a good chemistry for this humorous zombie romp.

Let’s talk about Sasha. I really lie Sasha. I know. She’s the truck but she still kicks butt! Sounds like she needs a tune up and her transmission gears have had some teeth knocked out. First no longer works so the guys have to stumble over getting her started in second more than once. Those little touches were realistic and brought back memories of my early standards. Sasha also has a magic eightball gear shifter, so she gets to add her 5 cents to mix on a regular basis. JJ comes to like that eightball quite a bit.

Then there’s Xanadu! To the rescue! With disco music! Yep, you heard me. Complete with disco lighting. I know, it is so ridiculous and so much fun. It’s like the author took a dare on whether or not he could write a zombie flick that involved a burial site, omelets, a pink handgun, an eightball, disco music, and Xanadu. Well, if that’s the case, he did it well. This story was pure fun to listen to. I’m looking forward to future installments.

Narration: Ian McEuen did a pretty good job with this book. There was one or two odd pauses but that was the only technical issue I caught. His voice characterization is spot on. He has distinct voices for all the characters and his female voices are believable. I especially liked the variety of screams and moans he came up with for this tale. There’s also a touch of music worked in at appropriate times which really added to those scenes in the book.