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Father's Day Murder by Leslie Meier

Father's Day Murder - Leslie Meier

Note: Even though this is Book 10 in the series, it worked just fine as a stand alone novel.

Lucy Stone works part time at The Penny Saver newspaper in Tinker’s Cove, Maine and her boss, Tom, wants her to attend a newspaper conference in Boston. She’s very excited to be getting a week away to the big city, but she’s worried that her family won’t be able to manage without her. While in Boston, a death livens up the boring conference panels and Lucy finds herself far more interested in investigating the murder than in the conference.

The story starts off with some household drama as things seem to be falling apart at home even before Lucy leaves for the bus station to head to Boston. Their big dog Kudo got into the neighbor’s chickens, again. Her husband, Bill, is having a big argument with their son Toby. Her oldest daughter Elizabeth is off on her summer job as a nanny to a three-year-old. The twins, Sara and Zoe, are mucking about. Honestly, I thought Bill might end up dead and Lucy would have to solve a murder long-distance from Boston. He came off as rather selfish and a bit of a jerk. He wasn’t pleased that Lucy would be off the week before Father’s Day because he likes to be pampered on this special day. All that made me roll my eyes a bit.

Alas, it wasn’t Bill who died but rather Luther Read, head of a newspaper dynasty, while at the Boston conference. His family was there, including his grown children Junior and Caroline, and they are immediately under suspicion. I did like this core mystery. There were plenty of interesting characters, though I did think it was a little obvious who did not do it even if Lucy and the police suspected them at some point.

A chunk of the book is Boston site-seeing and shopping. Indeed, Lucy has an almost erotic thing for shoes and toe cleavage (which made her a little quirky which is cool). While I didn’t mind the site-seeing stuff, I haven’t been to Boston so, for me, it was just page filler. Also, all the shopping for special name brand stuff was rather boring to me as I didn’t recognize any of the labels and don’t really care for shoe shopping, etc. Luckily, audiobooks allow multi-tasking so I wasn’t wasting my time during these parts of the book.

The book did live up the cozy mystery category. There’s no bloody scenes and our main character is never damaged (except by her fancy stylish shoes). I did get tired of Lucy’s horrid family after a while. They aren’t good at solving their own problems and Lucy is definitely the glue that holds them together. Basically, the story is riddled with one person or the other complaining about something. However, to balance that out a bit, we have the interesting Read family. They are all guarded to some extent, wanting to keep their private lives private and yet they are unfailingly polite to everyone, even invasive reporters. I also liked Morgan for her go-gettem attitude even if I didn’t approve of all her methods. The ending had a bit of drama to it, which I liked. All told, this book was so-so for me.

I received a free copy of this book with no strings attached.

The Narration: Karen White was a very good choice for this book. I loved all the regional accents she managed. Also, her male characters sounded masculine. Her upper cut, educated voices for the Read family in general were very well done. I liked her voice for Lucy and how she captured Lucy’s emotions at any given time, even her excitement over shoe shopping.