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True Ghost Stories & Hauntings by Travis S. Kennedy

True Ghost Stories And Hauntings: Disturbing Legends Of Unexplained Phenomena, Ghastly True Ghost Stories And True Paranormal Hauntings (True Paranormal, ... True Stories, True Paranormal Stories,) - Travis S. Kennedy

This short book contains information about documented cases of the paranormal. Here’s a list of most of the subjects covered in this book:

  • A Corpse Eating Demon Might Knock you Down
  • Don’t Listen to the Door Knocks in the Middle of the Night
  • No one Understood What Happened to the Poltergeist Girl
  • Unbelievable Evidence of Anna Ecklund’s Demonic Possession
  • A Dead Lady Lived in the Cole Adams House
  • Look Out for the White Death in Mexico
  • The Indestructible Tree – Witness to Many Gruesome Murders

I don’t believe in ghost stories so, for me, this was a collection of interesting and gruesomely entertaining tales. I did appreciate that the author went to pains to find documented examples, such as incidents that included police reports and independent eye witness accounts.


While several of the stories are set in the US, the author does take us around the world to Ireland, central Europe, and Japan. The Cole Adams house had a nice family living in it that experienced several odd to scary events, including repeated sightings of a decrepit female corpse. Then there was poor Anna Ecklund who reportedly suffered from demonic possession. I believe her story is set in the 1850s. I found it especially interesting how many people were involved in her tale and left records of her condition. There was her family, her neighbors, and the local priests and nuns. Anna, like several of the other women who are the center of the paranormal events in this book, was reportedly sexually molested.


The author then takes us to the Ballygally Castle, which is now a hotel, in Ireland. Lady Shaw is a friendly but sad ghost. Then on to Eleanor Zugen, a Romanian lass, who was placed in an asylum and then later taken to a psychological/psychic studies institute. I found her case interesting, because again, so many people documented the case, which involved some very odd injuries to Eleanor. The author then takes us to Japan and the corpse eating demon. This was one of my favorites because it is more folklore than paranormal investigations. The jikininki of Japan aren’t attracted to live humans or animals and confine themselves to eating corpses, which is disgusting and can be a nuisance.

Then the book takes us back to North America and the White Death in Mexico, which happens to be an angry child that kills people. Next was poor Terricita Basa who was murdered at age 48 and her murderer was not captured immediately. A friend channeled her spirit and assisted police in finding the murderer. Then on to the most disturbing story of the book: Bobby Mackey’s Music World in Tennesse. The site was initially a slaughterhouse in the 1800s. Over time it became an establishment for refreshments and fun. When country music star Bobby Mackey bought it in the 1970s, he was unaware of it’s sordid history of the slaughter house and murder. Finally, we end with an old oak tree in Florida that pays witness to horrible acts.


All together, it was a quick interesting listen. I think it would be a useful resource for those who either want to research deeper into documented paranormal events or for those who want write horror novels.


I received a copy of this book at no cost from the narrator in exchange for an honest review.


Narration: Eddie Leonard Jr. did a pretty good job. He does repeat a few sentences and stumbles over a few words, but, admittedly, one of those was a very tricky last name. He has a good voice for the audiobook, being somewhere between a news reporter and a story-telling cousin.