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Teatime with Mrs. Grammar Person by Barbara Venkataraman

Teatime with Mrs. Grammar Person - Barbara Venkataraman

This was a fun and educational piece! Full of humor and grammatical rules, I think many folks (writers, knowitalls, kids, folks trying to understand the crazy rules of the English language) would get a lot out of this. I especially enjoyed this audio version because of the rhyming.

Told in a ‘let’s have a nice chat’ voice, the author starts Mrs. G.P. off with some simple grammar rules. The subjects become increasingly more complex as you move towards the end of the book. Such grammar subjects as the subjective, transition phrases, and the plurals of odd words are tackled. The original rhymes are fun and also help me remember some of these more difficult rules. At the end, Mrs. G.P. tosses in how the English language is built out of many other languages. I especially enjoyed this point, along with all the examples.

This little book had me chuckling to myself over the cleverness. I think if you are struggling with some grammar rules, or perhaps you didn’t even know such things existed in such convoluted detail, I think this book would be a boon to you. I also liked the little fact that Mrs. G. P. has a beau, Mr. Syntax.

I won a copy of this book from the Lazy Day Library Reviews FB group.

The Narration: Carrie Lee Martz has narrated several other books by this author, specifically her cozy mystery series. So I have enjoyed her narration before. It was excellent to hear her again. I think she had fun with the rhyming. She did a great job of clearly enunciating similar words so that the listener can clearly hear the differences in word choice.