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The Adventures of Red Cloud by Larry Weiner

The Adventures of Red Cloud - Larry Weiner, Traci Lords, Brinke Stevens, James Leary

Folks, meet Wendy McCloud. She has anger control issues. In fact, several Chromius senators tried to kill her father (President of Chromius), so she killed quite a few of them. Now the judge (who happens to be her uncle Fred) has sentenced her to anger management therapy. Follow along on this fast-paced adventure and see what triggers Wendy to scream into a pillow (instead of punching people).

If you are familiar with RRCA, then you have probably guessed this story is set in the same universe as the Anne Manx series (check outAnne Manx and the Trouble on Chromius). Wendy, who is a bisexual prostitute, gets pulled into the tangled intrigue that is behind the latest bombings on Chromius. Space pirates, lead by Jake Bloom, are suspected to be behind it. Wendy decides she needs a new job, uncover agent! Now since her father wasn’t too keen on her regular night job, Wendy hasn’t been introduced to a lot of people in her father’s circle of influence; she has a chance of pulling this off. She dies her hair red and goes by the spy name of Red Cloud.

Once again, RRCA has brought us a quick-witted space opera. Wendy was instantly a favorite character as she took her little anger management pillow everywhere with her and gave it a good scream whenever she felt like tagging someone with a laser. I loved all the jokes about her pillow. I also love that our main character is bisexual and is in a relationship with a woman. Hooray! Diversity in SF!

The dialogue holds to the RRCA standard in wittiness and jokes that left me chuckling even as we moved on with the story. Jake Bloom made an excellent bad guy partly because he is charming. He has this larger plan to extort protection money from all the planets in the area. Wendy does her best to keep him on a string in her undercover persona. There’s a bit of slap and tickle, even as Wendy (and I) look forward to the day she can set aside that pillow and give Jake a good jaw-breaking punch.

There’s plenty of great side characters that add to the drama and the humor. Elaine, Wendy’s girlfriend; President McCloud’s secretary Dorothy (who Wendy had some sort of relationship with in the past); Johnny Jack of the Secret Service; new President Ralph Rudin; Sean Beauford (who thinks he’s a stud but really he’s just a classy crook). They all bring a little something to the table making this performance feel like a full-length story instead of just under two hours. With the story arc complete, I leave the tale feeling satisfied and ready to hunt down the next RRCA performance.


I received a copy of this audiobook at no cost from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Narration: Once again, RRCA does not disappoint. The performances are top of the game. The sound effects are expertly timed and the volume of them never drowns out the dialogue. I absolutely love the quick back and forth some of the scenes call for. I am sure the actors must have to practice before hand just to get their own giggles out of the way, the piece is rife with humor. Traci Lords was great as Wendy ‘Red Cloud’. I have to wonder if she was given a little pillow in the sound booth to make those ‘screaming into an anger management pillow’ sounds. James Leary made a great sleazy space pirate. I bet he had fun with that!