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One Day in New York by J. F. Penn

One Day In New York (ARKANE Book 7) - J.F. Penn

Note: Even though this is Book 7 in the series, it worked just fine as a stand alone story.

ARKANE agents Jake Timber and Naomi Locasto work together to thwart the efforts of a radical group called the Confessors. A burnt corpse on a cross marks the start of their efforts to tract down an ancient relic. Plenty of action and mystery makes up this tale.

Jake was a pretty interesting character. He’s South African by birth. Normally he works in London or Europe, but his last mission left him a bit dinged up. So he was sent to New York to work an easy case. However, this mission didn’t turn out to be as easy as he expected. Luckily, he had a local, Naomi, to show him around.

Naomi was also an interesting character. She’s worldly, clever, and a linguist. She’s also the one with the intel on what little is known about the Confessors. Together they seek answers by checking out the Cloisters Cross. Things do not go as planned. The action really picks up at this point and the ARKANE agents must move swiftly to successfully stop the Confessors.

Behind the scenes is a very determined man who will stop at almost nothing to obtain a cure to a long-term poisoning he is suffering from. While this character was pretty one dimensional, he added extra depth to the plot. Not only does ARKANE have to deal with the Confessors, but they also got this guy pulling strings.

I really enjoyed the mix of action, quiet contemplation of larger things (like angels), and the very light romantic interest between the two main characters. If you haven’t checked out other books in this series, then I feel this is a good one to give a try. It has definitely intrigued me.

I received a copy of this audiobook at no cost from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Narration: Jeffrey Kafer did a very nice job with this book. He had a nice, light South African accent for Jake. His female voices were believable and distinct. His French accent was also excellent.