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Anne Manx and the Trouble on Chromius by Larry Weiner

Anne Manx and the Trouble on Chromius - Larry Weiner, Claudia Christian, Andy Hallett, Paris Jefferson

Note: Even though this is Book 3 in the series, it works fine as a stand alone.

Did you know Anne Manx has a terrible fear of drowning?  Well, that’s how this tale starts out, along with her rescue. Unfortunately, her rescuer is swiftly dispatched and before Anne knows it, she is swept up into the political intrigue that has long been brewing on the backwater world of Chromius. There, tyranny has gained a stranglehold and a few citizens are pushing back for justice, or, at least, the right to eat dinner without being under surveillance.

Plenty of people will attempt to kill Anne in this story but she is not likely to make it easy for them. Once on Chromius, she is joined by Archie who she hires as a tour guide while she snoops around. The quick and witty word play between these two often had me chuckling. Archie has his reasons for not showering or brushing his hair or living in clean environs. Of course, these are all a part of his charm….. and why he can be easily spotted across the room.

As Anne digs into the political mud slinging, she comes across a prostitution ring that services various politicians. She begs with Wendy for info while promising to protect her and help her get into some other line of work. Wendy isn’t quick to trust and Anne must use her wits and keep digging. Once Wendy is thrown into the mix, there’s some adult humor tossed in that added to my chuckling. I especially liked Archie’s repeated question of ‘What did she mean by ‘in between’?’ Obviously, the poor guy was distracted by the few details he got concerning a prostitute’s regular business.

So, there is a bit of a mystery here as well, which gives Anne, our galactic private eye, something to do. Folks have been killed and some other folks are trying to kill Anne. At first, it looks like a pretty straight forward deal. I did not see the ending coming and I was pleasantly surprised by this twist to the mystery.

Over all, this was another great addition to the Anne Manx series. Honestly, this may be my favorite yet. The dialogue was tight, the humor had an edge to it, the plot was a little more complex than some of the other stories, and Anne is just such an enjoyable character to follow around.

I was provided this audiobook at no charge by the publisher in exchange for an unbiased review. Thanks!

The Narration: The voice acting was great, as I have come to expect from RRCA. I can just picture the facial expressions on the characters via the dialogue. Also, the sound effects are sharp and clear (I can identify them right away) and they never drown out the dialogue. I also like the bits of music tossed in. Oh, and Anne singing in the shower was a nice little bonus for us fans.