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Slaves & Swords by Derendrea

Slaves and Swords ~ Middle Ages Erotica - Derendrea

This book contains three short erotica stories: Savaged, Courthsip, & The Sultan’s Harem.

In Savaged, a young lady has sneaked out after hours to meet with her current lover. However, on her way there the night is awakened by screams and the sounds of battle. She instantly knows that the marauders are on a raid of the medieval-ish town of Thinadein yet again. She flees but soon is pursued. Unfortunately, she is injured. Then she is unexpectedly saved by a large foreign man. He is not with the marauders yet the two of them share no common tongue. Soon enough they put their tongues to other uses.

At first, I wasn’t too sure I would get into this story. She’s tied and things are heading away from consensual acts. However, then things flip around with the barbarian minding his manners. She then teaches him a few things that he quite enjoys. She leads him from one act to the next. The story is told completely from her point of view so we get to know exactly how much she is enjoying her night. While there are some steamy scenes, I wasn’t too caught up in it. I think this is because there was no dialogue between the characters so I didn’t get attached to either of them.

In Courtship, there’s a new lord, Lord Griffith, in town and all the eligible ladies are trying to catch his eye and become the next lordess of Littleshire. However, it is one of the serving lasses, Dayna, who catches the lord’s eye. Pretty soon, we have the two of them behind a closed door where the sparks fly. However, Dayna is not as experienced as Griffith had assumed.

This story was pretty sweet. Once again, we see all the action through the woman’s eyes. Dayna is infatuated with the new lord and watching all the ladies flirt with him only peaks her interest. As a serving lass, she has full access to all the rooms, including his. After all, the woman has a cleaning job to do. Lord Griffith catches her in a room and immediately he is the one in control. He starts off pretty forceful, though Dayna doesn’t seem to mind. Once he realizes that she is woefully inexperienced he turns into quite the gentleman and insists he pleasure her. This sex scene was quite beautiful and reminded me of teenage fantasies. Once again, I like that the focus of the story is on the woman’s pleasure.

I’m a little conflicted over The Sultan’s Harem. The Sultan Murad is a bad fellow, no question. Much of the story focuses on his evil deeds, including rape and the threat of rape. The story is told through Tatli’s eyes. She was born in a small village and she was once named Ochranca. However, the sultan and his men were out on a raid one night and murdered her family and destroyed her village. She has hated him ever since and has not bothered to hide this fact. Unfortunately, her venom for him seems to fuel his desire to bend her to his will.

The first sex scene involves Murad and a willing harem woman. However, Tatli is physically forced to join in. On one hand, this shows the level of cruelty Murad can rise to. On the other hand, it was not sexy. The theme of forced sexual acts and rape twines throughout this story and that was not to my liking. However, I did like Tatli’s character because of her perseverance. I think if I came across this little tale set within a larger story, it would not have bothered me. But since I picked this book up for the erotica, that was what I was primarily looking for. It’s not bad writing; it’s the context. The final sex scene, which involves Tatli and another character, is so very sweet and hot. That scene alone redeemed this story that I was on the edge about. The author really took her time with this scene as there is plenty of description and it never feels rushed. Most excellent!

I received a copy of this book from the author (via the Audiobooks Addicts Facebook group) at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

The Narration: D Rampling was a very good pick for this book. She had a good narrative voice for when non-sexual things were going on – like every day dialogue. Then as flirtation and more builds, her voice becomes more and more sexy in increments. She had distinct voices for all the characters and her male voices were believable.