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Dry Land by Jennifer Anne Seidler

Dry Land - Jennifer Anne Seidler

A group of astronauts have been tapped to head to the moon and make it habitable for humans. The tech is all there, just has to be set up and unleashed. Ted ‘Shakespeare’ Hardistan must leave his android/human hybrid wife, Colby, behind as this mission is suppose to take the rest of his life. However, their efforts have unforeseen consequences and now all of the crew must take great risk to make right what they can.

Wow! I really enjoyed this book. First, we have Ted himself. He’s an interesting character with a propensity for quoting Shakespeare, sometimes at odd times. He’s your typical good guy at first glance. But once the pressure is on, he becomes decisive and even forceful in carrying through on what he believes to be right. Then there is his copilot, ‘Hawkeye’. He’s got a Texas drawl and comes off as a bit of a bully. His story arc is interesting because he started off doing what he thought was right… but later must strive heartily to correct his mistake. Codie, who happens to be a genetic duplicate of Ted’s wife (Colby) is also aboard. Later in the story she plays an important plot point. Ted has a secret, one even he doesn’t know. I didn’t see that coming! But it made good sense and really tied the story together for the second half.

The mission to turn the Moon into a habitable mini-world for humans is, of course, fascinating. The tech to get this started is glazed over, but the plot holds firm. The crew manages to get everything started without a problem. However, once the moon develops and holds an atmosphere, things go deeply awry on Earth. Again, the physics behind why this is so are just glazed over, as our heroes are much more focused on correcting the issue, if they can. So it’s all very exciting and clips along at a good pace. This is a novella after all, not a lengthy science dissertation wrapped up in fiction form.

Lastly, there is lovely sexy times. Yes indeed, this was a nice touch. I really enjoy my romance wrapped up in a scfi action flick! Ted and his wife Colby are a beautiful couple and the sex is described in a passionate way. Additionally, this audiobook has 2 short stories about Ted and Colby. One is an origin story and the other takes place afterDry Land and is quite humorous. I appreciate the author adding these in as I wasn’t quite ready to let Ted and Colby go.

I received this audiobook from the author (via Everything Audiobooks E.A.R.S Facebook page) at no charge in exchange for an honest review.

The Narration: Ian Sorenson could read out the tax laws and I would happily listen to his voice. Because of him, I pictured Ted as a young Cary Elwes. Sorenson also had a nice, gentle Texas drawl for Hawkeye. His voice for Colby/Codie was feminine and full of assuredness, just like I imagine an android/human blend would sound. He had no hesitation with the sex scenes and, in fact, imbued them with loving and sometimes lustful emotions.