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Milk Thistle by Clayton Geoffreys

Milk Thistle: The Ultimate Guide to What It Is, Where to Find It, Core Benefits, and Why You Need It (Vitamins & Supplement Guides) - Clayton Geoffreys

As the titles says, this book goes over the core health benefits to including a milk thistle supplement in your life. Covering info on where to find a quality supplement, the health benefits, and medical studies, this book is a good resource for folks interested in herbal remedies and treatments.

I was impressed with this book for two reasons: 1) It doesn’t fall into the pit of false claims to cure all your ailments as so many herbal treatment/remedy books do; and 2) The book references concrete scientific data on the supplement and does not promise anything beyond that. While this book does have plenty of plant biology and pharmaceutical terms, I think most folks who have a solid interest in herbal treatments will be able to follow along. Even if you find the scientific terms daunting, the author then follows up with a simple translation for those not versed in pharmaceutical or scientific terms.

Truly, I was surprised at how much information the author was able to impart in just an hour. I especially appreciated the information on what to look for in a quality supplement. As many folks know, not every supplement is created equal as there is no government oversight or requirements to do so. I also enjoyed the slight detour into the historical uses and knowledge of the milk thistle.

Overall, this is a great little book to get you started on learning about supplements, especially the milk thistle, or to be used as a refresher for those who already have a knowledge base.

The Narration: Jake Stevens did a really good job with all the scientific terms. Most of those terms I am familiar with and he nailed the pronunciation. Also, he was able to impart a touch of excitement to the narration while remaining professional.