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Memories, Dreams, & Deflections by Valerie Gilbert

Memories, Dreams & Deflections: My Odyssey Through Emotional Indigestion - Valerie Gilbert

Here is another collection of the life adventures of Valerie Gilbert, mystic, cat lover, cheese aficionado, and native New Yorker. In this particular book, she takes us through the trials and tribulations of her first marriage, the on-line dating scene, chasing after tennis balls, and navigating our complex health care system.

I’m hard pressed to say if I liked this or Raving Violet best. Valerie Gilbert is definitely outspoken about so many things and her life is so very different from my own. I enjoy her talking about her life so plainly and bluntly. I don’t have to agree on every point; I just have to listen and enjoy the show.

Her adventures with on-line dating showed both the sad state of on-line match ups, but she told her encounters with humor. I especially liked the tale of the man who insists there never be cat butt in the bed. Of course such demands probably lost him out on an entirely different kind of kitty in the bed too. If Gilbert is this forward in her books, I can only imagine that she is also as upfront via on-line dating and I hope that New York offers up some like-minded gentlemen for her to meet.

The only dull spot for me was when she went on at length about her marriage, ending it, and then bumping into her ex some time later. It was a bit drawn out and I let my mind wander a bit in the middle. For the most part, she told this section with humor, even if she lingered a bit too long over the topic.

I do applaud her for talking so very frankly about the women’s health issue of fibroids. Ugh! But sooner or later, most women suffer from them. Coupled with this discussion was her wending her way through our government-provided healthcare system and the numerous doctors and examinations she had to go through. I have never had an IUD, but I have heard from other women how uncomfortable the insertion of one can be. Gilbert gives you the full color version and it is as educational as it is cringe-worthy. This is definitely a topic that more women should chat about, and I am glad that that Gilbert was so open on her own experiences.

All in all, it is another entertaining glimpse into another person’s life. Strange and far away, and yet there were touchstones that I resonated with.

Narration:  Valerie Gilbert narrated her own novel and she did an excellent job with this one. She had all the emotion and fire of her first book. The audio production was top notch with this book.