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Such a variety of stories!

The Unusual, Unknown & Unexplained - LaVonna Moore

This book is a collection of over 70 short accounts of the bizarre and unexplained. It covers a variety of paranormal events such as angels, after life experiences, and ghosts.

This was an interesting account of various unexplained experiences. The variety was such that I never got bored with the book. While I felt some of the accounts could possibly be explained easily with coincidence or pranks, it was still good fodder for the imagination.


I think this would be a useful little resource for authors wanting inspiration for a paranormal aspect to their writings. What I found most interesting were the reactions of the humans involved – did they believe immediately? Were they skeptical? If so, what changed their minds?


Some of the ghost stories do have little advertisements for the haunted house turned bed & breakfast. For me, this diminished the validity of the story. But that is a small complaint and shouldn’t deter anyone who is interested in this subject.


Narration:  Shaun Toole did a decent job. The stories were so short that at times they blended into one another. Toole didn’t employ any particular voice distinctions for the various stories, instead choosing to read out the stories in a clear voice. I can see how it would be difficult to come up with different voices for each story, especially since few of the stories gave any hint of where they were located.