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Troublesome Neighbors

Troublesome Neighbors - M.K. Theodoratus M. K. Theodoratus has built a complex world, where the Far Isle half-elves have a bit of magic. Some half-elves are stronger in magic than others, able to send people and cargo across the country, making travel easy for some. Some can cast illusions, many can increase their sense of hearing. Renna has a little magic, short stature, and a bad hip giving her a permanent limp. Mariah by contrast is a confident, beautiful woman who can command a room with a look. And she needs Renna to be her cover as she tries to catch Goresfeld and his men in bad behavior at a port city.

This story was a fun diversion from my mundane life. I enjoyed the pig farming aspects, the weaving, and that the main character was not super physically power nor uber magically powerful. Renna is average, with strengths and weaknesses, like most of us. While this tale could use a bit more editing (incorrect verb tense, sometimes I lost track of who was talking, etc.), the basic story is worth the time to read.