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A Guy Like Me: (Short Story)

A Guy Like Me: (Short Story) - J.S. von Dacre, Afara Kimkeran The description of this story is a one liner: A man haunted by dark demons of his past must face the repercussions of his choices.

This whole story is a bunch of mixed signals. The cover art had me thinking this was perhaps a transgender story, or at least had some cross dressing (which is fine with me). That is not the case. The entire story is told from the viewpoint of an aging man. He spent much of his life womanizing and not making any serious connections. Then one girl came along, and that changed things for him.

There are more mixed signals when it comes to the descriptions of the love of his life. I am unsure if this is because of some language barrier, or was done intentionally. There were a few typos and a handful of odd word choices throughout the tale, and so I believe English might not be the author’s first language. [Note: I contacted the author and J.S. said English was his/her first language.] With that said, the way the old man longs for and desires the love of his life initially came across as pedophiliac. It was creepy. Additionally the story started off with the old man noticing the budding sexuality of 12 year old girls.

Then the story veers away from that and focuses on an angry ex-girlfriend. The creepy vibe dissipates. The ending is very brief and leaves quite a bit up to the reader to determine.

In the end, I wasn’t sure what the author wanted to say with this short story. Did the author intentionally leave so much up to the reader to decide? Was the whole creepy vibe intentional or simply poor word choice? I’m not sure.