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Watership Down (Audio)

Watership Down (Audio) - Richard Adams, Ralph Cosham I am glad I gave this a read. I had only seen the cartoon version as a kid - which gave me nightmares.

The author uses the plot device of 'I had a bad feeling so we must/must not go there' to kick the book off and then occasionally afterward to move the story along. It isn't my favorite plot device, but it's used minimally here.

These rabbits split off from the main warren and march several days, eventually bumping into another, doomed warren. Escaping that fate, they found their own warren. But alas, they have no women and must acquire some. this leads to conflict with a nearby, militant warren. Bunny feuding erupts.

I've seen some art of hedgehogs singing to the moon - which is an image that comes from one of the many tales/myths of the rabbits. I enjoyed these myths the best, as they gave depth to the story.