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The Captain's Airline: On Approach to Disaster

The Captain's Airline: On Approach to Disaster - Art Samson This book is full of pilot jargon and industry acronyms; so if you have a keen interest in this field it is probably more exciting than to the average reader, who must take time to puzzle over these things. Even though I am somewhat familiar with this jargon, I still found myself wishing for a Definitions & Acronyms section at the back of the book. Still, Art Samson used several real accidents as examples in this book, with the federal investigation numbers provided as foot notes. This would be a good book for an accident investigation class.

Overall, I found myself interested in the personal lives of the two main characters, concerned about their careers and home lives. The male characters were almost always introduced with a small resume list of their career accomplishments, which gave them some depth and was interesting. However, this was unbalanced by the lack of depth for the female characters, who were simply introduced by name and some physical attribute or their ability to make good coffee.