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Shadow Chaser

Shadow Chaser - Alexey Pehov As with the first book, Shadow Prowler, I was enchanted with this tale because it is not your typical epic fantasy. The Elves are brutal and none too pretty. The goblin is petite, ridiculous, and cunning. The humans, especially the talents band of Wild Hearts, are a mix of deadly and horribly vulnerable. Ogres, first born children of the world, seek domination and will not be easily turned back. Harald has been sucked into this affair and doubly bound to see it through. In this particular installment, a theft of a key object is required.

While the first book basically had a single female character, Miralisa the elfin princess, the second book features a second female character (a naughty vixen who may be the death of part of the party). There are a handful of other very minor female characters…….but, yeah. Many, many males, 2 ladies. But the ladies absolutely kick ass – and that only makes me wish there were more of them.