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The Nymphos of Rocky Flats

The Nymphos of Rocky Flats - Mario Acevedo This was a ridiculous book and I quite enjoyed it. Mario Acevedo has the government speak down perfectly for the Rocky Flats scenes. I had to laugh out loud at the first few ‘top secret’ pages to this book as it is so like these institutions. Having recently walked away from one after over a decade of service, I can tell Acevedo did his stint in bureaucratic hell too.

So let’s talk about the ladies. Yes, there are female nymphos, but Denver seems to have more than the average and they all once worked at Rocky Flats, at least until their hornyness got them fired. Yes, having sex on the job even at nuclear weapons facilities is frowned upon. Of course Felix’s interviews with them leads to some awkward (and funny) scenes.

Towards the end, I did feel the author tried to pull in a little too much for this one book. I don’t want to spoil anything, but it was one more mystery, and something totally different from what was already going on. Still, I wonder what was done with it in Book 2.

One of the things I enjoyed (and it is with a naughty grin that I enjoyed it) was that Felix tended to knock people out and then pose then in questionable positions. Hehe….he’s my kind of vampire.

I will definitely be looking to read more in this series, especially when I need a chuckle and something light to pick me up with questionable humor. I think I can safely classify this book as one of my guilty pleasures.