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I Am the Only Running Footman (Audio)

I Am the Only Running Footman (Audio) - Martha Grimes There was lots of English food in this book and I almost suspect that Martha Grimes wrote this mystery to showcase that food. Such as Toad in the Hole, Bangkok Duck, and the Fool dessert. Yes, this book made me curious about English cuisine and now I feel the need to try my hand at making some of these dishes.

What of the mystery? Well, I guessed who the culprit was in Chapter 12, a little before the midpoint of the book. But the story was entertaining, with all the fun characters and the locations, so I quite enjoyed the book even though the mystery part wasn’t that mysterious. Don’t get me wrong; there was plenty of anticipation, even drama, watching Jury and Macalvie and the ever cough-drop redolent Wiggins try to figure it out and then catch the culprit. This book was plenty entertaining and I listened to it in 2 days.

The Warboys family that runs the inn& pub The Mortal Man were quite entertaining with their crazy meals, the pants-leg pursuing dog, the accident prone family wait staff, and the little fire that occurred but was easily put out. One of the younger sons was trying his hand at story writing and ran some of his ideas past our detectives, much to their consternation and my amusement. Yes, plenty of interesting characters in this book!

The Narration: Steve West did a great job and I can’t imagine any other voice for Richard Jury or the gruff Macalvie. His voices for the ladies were distinct and feminine.