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Enthralled: Pawn of the Necromancers

Enthralled: Pawn of the Necromancers - Rebecca A. Stelly This was a fun, fast-paced mystery that happened to have a zombie at the center of the story. While Sam doesn’t really get to say much, we do get to ride around in his head. From that point of view, we clearly see how the various characters view him: servant, employee, slave, puzzle-piece holder. I liked this point of view quite a bit because it made Sam easy to get attached to.

Even though Luther was a shady character out to make an easy buck, I enjoyed the caper he involved Sam and Janet in. And then there was the zombie boar. Yep. Zombie Boar! Everyone needs a pet zombie boar.

For a light fun read, this hit all the marks. I look forward to any sequels that may come from this, especially if Sam is the center of the story, and we get to see the zombie boar again.

Narration: William Dufris did an excellent job. I have had the pleasure of hearing him narrate other works (such as Erian’s Lair by Troy Lee Henderson) and I have to say this was quite different for him. He had to do New Orleans accents and while they may have been a tad exaggerated, the listener definitely experienced the New Orleans atmosphere.