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How the Dragons Got Their Colors

How the Dragons Got Their Colors - Cheryl Matthynssens, Linda  Shelton, Rebecca Hunt Once upon a time, all the dragons were drab, grey colors. But one young, small dragon got the idea into his head one day that dragons should be all sorts of colors too, just like the beautiful world around them.

So starts our story. This little entrepreneurial dragon captured colors and offered to make the other dragons any color they wish. Of course, they were all very enthusiastic and pretty soon all the dragons made up a rainbow of colors. But the little grey dragon saved himself for last, and did he save enough color for himself? You will have to give this book a listen to find out.

This story, like most kids’ stories, has a moral built into it. But don’t worry, it’s not all preachy or in your face. The moral here is that those who share and think of others first are rewarded greatly in the end. As adults, we know that this isn’t always so, but for kids, I think it is a fine thing to teach and hope for.

A delightful 6 minutes filled with dragons and a rainbow of colors! Really, is there any better way to spend 6 minutes? Well, maybe if you were eating icecream and cake while giving this a listen. And this book goes good with Not An Egg!, also by Cheryl Matthynssens.

Narration: Once again, Valerie Gilbert did a great job. She used her most adorable little kid voice once again for the kid dragon. She had a variety of voices for the other dragons and they were all distinct.

What I Liked: The cover art; dragons!; rainbow dragons!; the idea of sharing.

What I Disliked: Nothing – I think this is great for kids!