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A Haunting Tale by Bill Stokes

A Haunting Tale: A Short Ghost Story by Bill Stokes - Bill Stokes

The house has stood empty for some time. It’s fallen into a disreputable state. Some say it’s haunted. The rational say that’s not possible, that it’s only silly ghost stories. Our main character takes the dare. Will his mind be changed about ghosts?

This story was deliciously spooky. It is told in both a quaint and lyrical manner, being a straight-forward ghost story peppered with plenty of appropriately creepy imagery. Our main character isn’t convinced this old, rundown house is haunted. On a very cold, snowy night, he ends up stuck at the house with a sleeping bag.

Suspense builds as the character becomes aware of the oddities of the house, the strange sounds (or lack of the expected ones), and, eventually, something more. I really loved that this story didn’t rely of shock and gore; rather, the tale titillated with hints of something just beyond our accepted norm. Plus, there’s bats. Stories always get a bonus point if there’s bats.

In my opinion, this tale is fit for kids and adults alike. I can see reading it at a campfire during Scary Story time or having it available for kids at sleep overs. It’s a well-wrought story that I found very delightful.

Narration: Jeff Hays gave a wonderful performance, as always. His voice contained just a hint of creepy when describing the house. I also liked how he was able to contain a hint of skepticism at the beginning of the story, as the main character, and how that changed as the tale went on.