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Shifting Into Love - First Gear by Evelyn Aster

Shifting Into Love First Gear - Evelyn Aster

Lana has been shifting from place to place for years now. She lives in and works in the Harrigan’s bar and the bar shifts when it wants to and Lana doesn’t have a say in it. Then one day, Jones pulls up on his Triumph motorcycle, Alea, and Lana meets the first other person to know what it’s like to shift without rhyme or reason. In Jones’s life, Alea calls the shots about where they travel to next.

This was a fun little piece. From the title, I expected there to be shifters (werewolves or werebears or werehyenas or such) but instead we have these physical things (a bar, a bike) that are somehow psychically attached to their humans (Lana, Jones) and shift about the country. This was a unique take on the paranormal romance trope.

Harrigan (the entity that makes up the bar) has the ability to tell what kind of drink best suits a person when they walk in (which is an excellent skill to have). Since Harrigan is psychically linked to Lana, she also knows and can serve Chase a Zima (a drink I haven’t had since college) as he walks in the door. He’s handsome but carries a sorrowful weight that lends him some seriousness. Lana’s definitely interested in showing Chase her upstairs room for a night… before they shift away again. But then Jones shows up and Lana has never met a man like him before.

Since this is a romance, we do get a few sex scenes towards the end of the tale. One is hot and fast and the other is sweet and charming. While I’m not particularly into romance, I did quite enjoy the sex scenes. Things didn’t turn out how I imagined they would, so kudos to the author for surprising me yet again with this story.

I did find Harrigan much more developed than Alea, but we got to spend more time in Lana’s head than in Jones’s head. There’s some mystery around Harrigan’s and I want to know more about how long this bar has been shifting around the States, how he met (captured?) Lana, and why does Harrigan’s bar shift every day? Of course I have all these same questions about Alea, though I expect it’s easier for her to shift, being a bike. Looking forward to the next installment!