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Another Night, Another Planet by Jessica E. Subject

Another Night Another Planet - Jessica E. Subject

Note: Even though this is Book 176 in the series, it works just fine as a stand alone story.

Ava and Michelle work in housekeeping about a luxury star cruiser. Nate and Win are scoundrels with their own shipping company. The 1Night Stand dating service puts Ava and Nate together on a blind date. However, they knew each other as teens and bumping into each other again is a surprise. Sparks ignite, literally! There’s a flame-ruined bedsheet to prove it!

Now Nate has this little problem and a bit of secret. He’s part Clostrian, an alien race that was driven into extinction because they were labeled terrorists. Nate literally has explosive orgasms that leave things aflame. Also, he has to sleep for day or two afterwards in order to recharge, so fleeing the scene isn’t always possible. Obviously, this puts a damper on his love-making agenda…. which left me wondering how or why he signed up with the dating service (plot hole? nah…. just look away).

The romance starts off a bit awkward, but then turns sweet and steamy, and dives right into the hot and smokey stuff. I liked the mix of humor and sexy, though the overall story could have used a bit more humor. Later, there’s the requisite (and predictable) misunderstanding followed by a makeup. Also, Win and Michelle have found each other to be compatible.

I did like the part about Ava worrying about her parents and how they would feel about her running off with her new-found love. Not to worry! They have their own lives and friends. Hooray! That part gave me a chuckle.

All around, it was a cute little tale with just a smidge of scifi thrown in. Personally, I would have liked a lot more scifi mixed in with the sexy bits.

I won a free copy of this audiobook.

Narration: Audrey Lusk was good. She had distinct voices for all the characters and a few accents.