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Rescued by David D. Lambert

Rescued: Based on a True Dog Story - David D Lambert, Mike Norgaard, Mike Norgaard David D Lambert

The bulk of this little book is a story about a puppy growing up without a home told through that puppy’s eyes. The story blends a bit of fiction with known facts. Eventually we learn that the dog is a pit bull and eventually the dog gets a name, Angel, and later a nickname of Chaos.

I liked that the way the dog was treated changed as he grew into a recognizable breed. When he was a smallish furball that was roughly puppy-shaped, kids wanted to play with him and give him treats. Once he grew into his pit bull shape, people in general left him alone and some, including kids, would throw things at him.

Eventually chaotic Angel is rescued and that’s when less fiction and more fact enter the tale. This part of the story is quite a bit briefer and follows our four-footed hero to the end of his days. I think the author could have done a bit more with this section. Any dog that’s been living on the streets could have a variety of medical issues and that was just barely touched upon.

Once the story is over, the author included some interesting facts about pit bulls and also goes on to debunk some pit bull myths. I think this was probably the most significant part of the book. I do wish the author would have cited some follow up sources for those interested.

This book was of interest to me because I once adopted a pit bull who lived with us for 11 years to his final days. When I adopted him, I didn’t know what breed he was but his first vet check up set me straight on that! He was great with people and a very loving and loyal companion.

I received a free copy of this book from the narrator with the agreement to post an honest review.

The Narration: Mike Norgaard had a few repeated lines at the beginning of the story but quickly gained his stride. He maintained a nice, even voice all the way through that was easy to listen to. Norgaard let me know that this was one of his earliest recordings, so I expect he has only gained in ability since making this book.