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Erotic Daydreams by Valerie Brundage

Erotic Daydreams - Valerie Brundage

This short story collection covers several fetishes with a variety of couplings. There’s several menage a trois, pregnancy breast milk, playing with ice, exhibitionism, etc. The main focus for all the stories seems to be on the tease rather than the consummation.

First, I love the book cover. This is my second book from Wordwooze that I have reviewed and I really do like their book covers. Such a nice sexy departure from the typical erotica book cover art.

I believe there are 8 short stories in this collection, if I counted correctly. The author does a really good job with the tease for these stories. There’s a lot of build up to the main action, the actual intercourse. However, while the tease is great, the author always veered away from the coupling completely or it was a short lived act. I found this frustrating. Yes. That kind of frustrating.

Some of the fetishes just weren’t for me. For instance, playing with breast milk just doesn’t do it for me so I was tempted to fast forward through that one. However, with that said most of the stories held some interest for me. There was nothing new or revealing in this collection. Still, it is a solid tease for something more in depth from the author.

I received a copy of this audiobook at no cost via the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Narration: It took me a while to get use to Jazmin Kensington as the narrator. She comes off as young and perhaps naive at the beginning of the book, and the book opens with an experienced couple having some mildly rough play. So, her voice didn’t match up with the tone of the story. But later, she seems to be more comfortable with it and even allows a little purr to enter voice from time to time. Her character voices are distinct and she never hesitated over the naughty words.