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Savage by H. D. Timmons

Savage - H.D. Timmons

Rob Peters has been a suspense novelist for 20 years. However, his last several books haven’t sold well at all. So he’s heading out of Atlanta and to a cabin in the Georgia woods in the hopes of recapturing that long-lost inspiration. Things start to go wrong when he hits a large dog on the muddy, rainy drive to his cabin. That won’t be the only thing to go wrong for Rob Peters.

This story takes quite a while to build the suspense. Rob’s life is rather boring, though I did like the junk food he picked up for his cabin stay. But once Rob starts to write, plotting out his latest novel, things pick up. The story lets us dive into Rob’s novel, a detective mystery piece involving multiple murders. While this is Rob’s life by day, at night he is terrorized by the sound of dog scratching to get into the cabin. He revisits the grave he dug for the dog he hit and is surprised by what he finds. His imagination continues to get the better of him as he fears something is following him during the day.

The second half of the tale is better than the first. There’s more things going on and the speed has picked up. For some reason, the bit involving the dog falls away and I felt that wasn’t fully resolved. However, we get more of Rob’s detective novel, complete with lead characters. There’s a pretty cool switch up near the end that put a smile on my face. I enjoyed what the author did there, it being a bit clever and creepy at the same time.

There’s not one female character in the piece, though there are two women referred to as victims in Rob’s novel. So I would have liked the female gender to be represented.

I received a copy of this book at no cost from the author (via theGoodReads Audiobooks group) in exchange for an honest review.

Narration: H. D. Timmons did a nice job of narrating his own book. He had some regional accents and he kept all the characters distinct. There were even sound effects, like the sound of driving or typing. The first few effects weren’t so distinct but they quickly got better and added to the ambiance of the story.