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One for the Baron by Catherine Cruzan

One for the Baron - Catherine Cruzan

Lydia has an interior design degree and works in Los Angeles. She’s soon heading out on a job with her coworkers to New Orleans. Strange dreams start to plague her before she leaves and the strangeness continues once she gets to New Orleans and the French Quarter.

For such a short story, there’s a pretty large cast. There’s a lot going on here and I’m not sure I followed it all. There’s some interesting dynamics going on with Lydia, so I liked her as the central character.  Her mother, Margaret, is a judgy sort and enjoys climbing the social ladder. She remarried at some point and now Lydia has a much younger half sister named Margery. I missed exactly what her job is in New Orleans but I did catch the fact that she calls her beat up car Smitty.

Anyway, she and her coworkers David and Bethany fly to New Orleans and Lydia finds herself in the French Quarter. There she meets a shopkeeper, Maman Margo. Things get voodooish at this point as the bones are consulted. More questions arise about The Baron, the strange man Lydia keeps seeing in her dreams. Everything is pretty good up to this point.

Then the ending was open ended and I am not sure I got it. Lydia has to make a choice but she’s not happy about it. The scene then shifts back to Los Angeles and a minor character who we met early in the story is back in play. Then it just ends. The mysterious Baron isn’t really explained and the scene doesn’t shift back to New Orleans to wrap things up with Lydia and Maman Margo. I definitely felt there was more to this story that needed telling.


I won a copy of this book via the narrator from Audio Book Reviewer.

The Narration: Andrea Emmes was a great pick for this story. She had a steady voice for Lydia and a snooty voice for Margaret. Her little Margery voice was also good. Then she pulled off a French Quarter accent for Maman Margo.