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Suck It, Wonder Woman! by Oliva Munn

Suck It, Wonder Woman!: The Misadventures of a Hollywood Geek - Olivia Munn, Mac Montandon

Actress and comedian Olivia Munn shares her thoughts on geekdom, dating, Hollywood, and the need for hoverboards. She also includes several embarrassing or touching moments from her own life in this little book.

It was cute. That’s a good describer for the book. Before picking this audiobook up, I had not heard of Olivia Munn. I personally blame the rock I live under as I don’t pay much attention to day time TV. Still, as a card-carrying geek, I was surprised I had not come across this self proclaimed queen of geeks.

I went into the book blank without any preconceptions about the author. I think that made the tales of her life and her essays more entertaining. The chapters are not in a chronological order, but they work well. There’s plenty of humor as Munn recounts her earliest days in Hollywood. Coming from Oklahoma, she was unaware of how crazy Hollywood can be. I especially liked the story of how she was propositioned by someone famous to be his next baby mommy.

Munn includes tales from her own family and I found these to be more interesting and sometimes even poignant. As the daughter in a military family, she grew up in several different places and, therefore, she had several socially awkward stories to share as she tried again and again to fit in. The highlight of the book for me were her stories of her grandparents back in Oklahoma. They let her be herself through a tough period of her life.

Other anecdotes that stayed with me included her love of pie, the silly dating advice, and the cover of Playboy magazine. I was especially surprised at how much pressure the author was put under to do some nudity for Playboy after all the contracts had been signed – that specifically said, ‘No Nudity’. But the crew doing the shoot really had a hard time understanding that. Even with contract in place, the pressure was absurd and down right rude. That doesn’t reflect well on Playboy.

Sometimes the author promotes the message of positive body image, no matter what size or shape you are. I think that’s great and we need more of it. But then several times she stresses over her own image and talks about going without carbs and exercising like crazy for a week before a shoot or skit. So, in the end, it came off as a mixed message, a kind of do as I say (enjoy your body no matter what it is), not as I do (fuss over my body to the point of becoming a nervous, sick wreck).

So, over all it was cute, a bit rambly. It was a brief escape into someone else’s life for a bit entertainment.

The Narration: Olivia Munn did a fine job of narrating her own book. I think it would have been odd to have anyone else narrate it. Some of the jokes or comedic parts did come off a little too practiced, a little canned. But that is to be expected when you have the author, and person who lived the events, retelling them yet again. Her emotions came through best when she was talking about her grandmother.