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Club Nexus by E. J. Stevens

Club Nexus - E.J. Stevens

Note: Even though this is Book 2.5 in the series, it works just fine as a stand alone.

This book reads more like 5 short stories as there are 5 viewpoints of basically the same event, an event that takes place at the questionable bar Club Nexus. Ivy Granger and her gal pal Jinx head out for a drink, well armed. There’s a faerie that was tricked into servitude by the bar owner and she is none too happy about it. Below the bar are a series of rooms for the special clients who have special needs. I’m sure Ivy wouldn’t mind firebombing them all.

We also have our favorite demon, Forneus. He’s had an attraction to Jinx for some time and she has always rebuffed him. However, this time the ladies have to deal with a blood thirsty Southern vampire. So Forneus’s martial skills may just come in handy. I really enjoy the tension between Jinx & Forneus. I look forward to exploring the other books in the series to see more of this. In this particular book, we get to ride around in Forneus’s head for a bit and it was very interesting to see how he truly feels towards Jinx.

My only complaint about this book is that some of it was repetitive, which can be expected since it’s the same situation told over and over again by all these different people. It was kind of like taking different witness statements at an accident scene actually.

The book has that right mix of sexy tension and action. Ivy, as usual, is good at smacking the bad guys. The real big bad guy in this story is worthy of the title and also worthy of his ending. While Jinx isn’t really battle-hardened, she does make a contribution to the mayhem. It was a fun listen.

I received a copy of this audiobook at no cost from the author in exchange for an honest review (thanks!).

Narration: Traci Odom was a nice pick  for this book. She had a very good range of voices, as this book required since it is told from 5 distinct viewpoints. There were also various accents (British, Southern, etc.). I really enjoyed her performance.