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Appetizers of the Gods by Basil Sands

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Appetizers of The Gods: The Brothers Four Book One - Basil Sands

Colin Farnsworth is a 30-something divorce SFF nerd writing questionable SF by day and playing in Fantasy Underworld card games at night. His life is small until the Brothers Four arrive and do their best to convince him he isn’t dreaming. This leads to public nudity and a chat with the local law enforcement. Pretty soon Colin’s life is filled with trolls, talking animals, and various other faerie folk. Luckily, he has Anne, a lovely neighbor, to bake him cupcakes and see him through this adventure.

This book starts off with Colin doing some online bidding on some Fantasy Underworld cards. He’s in competition with another and the two are going neck and neck for these cards. It’s a little slow at first, but there is some humor, especially with Heimdall the dog letting the reader/listener in on his thoughts. But once the Brothers Four (leprechauns) arrive, being pursued by a loud, whomping troll, things pick right up.

I really enjoyed the humor in this book. Sure, there’s plenty of action. The main characters are always in motion. Yet it was the humor that really carried the story for me. There’s plenty of the one character or another poking fun at themselves in an offhand manner. Plus there is the snappy comments back and forth between characters at times. Like the book’s description says, it reminded me of some of Terry Pratchett’s works (specifically the Nac Mac Feegles in the Tiffany Aching Discworld books).

Anne was also of interest, being a character that knows something about what is going on. This puts poor Colin as the last man in the race for figuring out what is up with these leprechauns and trolls and such. Also, she is a dog person and bakes cupcakes; who wouldn’t like her?

This story starts off with a little mystery – dogs are going missing. So in the second half of this book, we finally figure out how and why. I won’t spoil it, but it is rife with humor and the chastisement of hungry, lazy creatures. All in all, this is a highly enjoyable book and had me chuckling out loud more than once.


I received this audiobook from the author (via the Audiobook Blast Facebook) at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

The Narration: I was very pleasantly surprised to learn that Basil Sands can not only write awesome stories, he can also narrate. And narrate he does! There’s plenty of accents flying around, all of which he does quite well. He also has distinct voices for all the characters, including believable female voices. Occasionally he tosses in some interesting noises, like a leprechaun hiccoughing. It was a thoroughly entertaining performance.