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Solar Lullaby by T. W. Fendley

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Solar Lullaby - T.W. Fendley

Dr. Flaire Haiche and a handful of her students are the only ones who truly believe that the Sun is trying to communicate with Earth. The massive solar flair of 2012 killed billions and another such massive flair is predicted to occur very soon. Flaire and her team race against time to figure out how to divert the forthcoming disaster.

For only 38 minutes, this story really packs a punch. It has great characters, a solid story line, and that sense of impending doom that our heroes may or may not be able to slip out from under. Flaire is the most developed character. She is driven by her past. Her parents were the first to notice a pattern to the solar flairs. She grew up in their laboratory in New Mexico, listening to their scientific arguments and theories on the subject. When the 2012 Mayan solar flair event happened, stealing her loved ones from her, she became all that more dedicated to not only discerning the pattern, but convincing the US government of it.

The thing that I loved about this short story is that we the readers step right into the middle of things. Flaire has her personal history. But there is also this history of tried and failed experiments at communicating with the Sun, convincing the government, and developing and fine-tuning their methods for communication. At this point, it is just a theory they are testing out. They send up a message and then watch the solar flairs in detail for a distinct reaction. Of course, each person on Flaire’s team has their own theory about this action-reaction they are seeing – beings that live within the Sun, the Sun itself being somewhat conscious, a natural measurable phenomena. It’s all very intriguing. I was swept into the story from the beginning and thoroughly enjoyed the tale.

I was provided this audiobook at no charge by the narrator in exchange for an unbiased review.

The Narration:  Tiffany Williams was great. She sounded exactly like a driven scientist. She had distinct voices for each of the other characters, including light regional accents for some them. Her male voices were totally believable.