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Benton: A zombie Novel by Jolie Du Pre

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Benton: A Zombie Novel (Book 1) - Jolie du Pre

Set in modern-day small town Illinois, Jennifer Benton must first escape her house. Everyone she knows, including her family, have turned into zombies. She’s been holed up in her room for weeks, with her zombie mother right outside waiting for something living to cross her path. But escape she does and a chance encounter puts her in a closed garage with 7 other folks. Now, they must make a plan for the future as supplies won’t last forever, especially with winter coming on.

This is another fun addition to the zombie genre. Jennifer Benton is easy to connect with and isn’t a silly lass. In fact, she is quite practical and willing to add to her list of skills, zombie killing being at the top. She’s in her early 20s, so she’s past the silly teen stage yet still young enough to know how tender and encompassing love (or lust) can be. And with the handsome Mark around, there is definitely temptation.

While this book does has a romantic plot line to it, there is so much more going on. Primarily, it is a survival story. Can Benton trust everyone in their little group? Probably not, much to everyone’s woe. Then there are the roving bands of other humans to consider. And those pesky zombies. Since many of their group are locals, killing zombies is a bit emotionally draining as they were once friends or family. I am glad the author explored that aspect of it.

There is one sex scene and it is sweet. However, we’re shown how the man will be pleased, and only told how the woman was pleased after the fact. I would have liked a little more equality there as media in general tends to shy away from the female orgasm. I think we all know that more humans would benefit from some instructive fiction in how to obtain a female orgasm.

Overall, this was a great addition to the survival genre with focus on human interactions and trust. It steered away from the gory horror of zombies that many zombies books focus on.

Narration: Angie Hickman was a good choice for Jennifer Benton. She had a young woman’s voice but didn’t sound like a teen. Hickman also had distinct voices for both male and female characters.