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Dog Training by Daniela Emerson

Dog Training: The Ultimate Dog Training Guide For a Beautifully Well Trained And Obedient Dog or Puppy (Dog Training - Puppy Training) - Daniela Emerson

Here is a good primer for taking on a puppy or an older dog. If you’ve never taken a dog obedience class or read other dog training books, then this is a good place to start. It covers all the basics without getting bogged down in example stories or trying to delve into doggy psychology.

I am one of those life-long pet owners that has never taken a pet obedience course. Instead, I have found nuggets of useful information along in the way in books like this one. For this particular book, I like how the author distinguishes the different set of challenges an owner may have taking on a puppy versus an older dog. Since I have done both, I can attest that the challenges are indeed quite different. There are also bonuses to each, which the book explains as well.

I was quite pleased to see that the book drew on consistency and patience as key in training a dog. The author also doesn’t pull any punches letting a potential dog owner know when they probably aren’t ready for a pet. We’ve all known adults who were not in a place (emotionally, mentally, physically) to properly care for a pet and some of us have probably been there. So kudos for the author for not shying away from saying it. If you are looking for a dog training book for kids or for adults new to the idea of pet ownership, this is a great place to start.

The Narration: Kelly Dievendorf was a good voice for this book. She had a clear voice that you could easily imagine belonging to an experienced pet trainer.