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Sweeter Than Honey: Call of the Kodiak by Geraldine Allie

Sweeter Than Honey, Call Of The Kodiak (Bear Shifts, #1) - Geraldine Allie

Set perhaps in the late 1800s USA, Crysta is a single woman, and doing quite well on her own in private business. John is a business man in his own right, and his biggest business is honey. Once he sees Crystal, his inner beast takes over and he knows that he must convince her that he is the man for her.

So I am totally guessing on the era this is set in. There are no phones or locomotives, but the USA is somewhat settled and Crystal is able to hold her own in the world of business. This is set in the southeastern US, perhaps Georgia or New Orleans. Honestly, I forgot because all the fun stuff happens out in the woods in a little cabin by the stream. ;)

John basically maneuvers Crystal into a bet. She has to spend time with him out at the cabin, chatting about how beneficial it would be to combine forces in the business world via a marriage. However John has this secret that he worries will drive Crystal away. As you can guess from the title and the name of the series, John is a shifter.

While it was predictable that all would work out, it was still sweet to see it come to fruition. There is one brief sex scene that I wish had been longer. The author left it in a good place for the next in the series to build upon.

The Narration: Vanessa Hart was a good choice. Her sultry southern voice for Crystal was honey on the ears. She also had a good voice for John, being very straight forward and a little gruff when needed.