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Vegetarian Snack Recipes by Heather Hope

Vegetarian Snack Recipes - Heather Hope

Note: Even though this is Book 28 in the series, it stands alone quite well.

Yum! Veggie snacks! As the title says, this book is all about vegetarian snacks. Some are naughty, some are lean, some are green, and some are decadent. There’s quite a variety and this book is a treat to anyone who enjoys eating plants, not just vegetarians.

As much cooking as I do every week, I am always up for some new ideas. In this book, there is a lovely zucchini recipe that involves bread crumbs and Parmesan cheese. Tasty! In a different chapter, there is a lovely recipe for banana nut bread that uses coconut milk – something I would not have thought of. I do so enjoy my banana nut bread and I think I will have to give this recipe a try. Who doesn’t love stuffed mushrooms?

Many of these recipes are quick easy things that you can whip out in very little time. Also, many of them cook up very quickly, meaning you can have them assembled, cooked, and plated for hungry folks in a short amount of time. Some, like the banana nut bread, do take longer to bake. But I am going to bet they are worth it.

My one little quibble is that the book started with a list of reasons to go vegetarian: health benefits of plants, lose weight, less meat in your diet means less animal cruelty, weight loss, enjoy more super foods and more energy, lose some pounds, etc. You see that weight loss featured heavily and repeatedly in the list of reasons. The repetition was silly at first and then irritating. After all, I eat plants because they taste good. Still, that is a tiny complaint for such an enjoyable book on snacks.

Narration:  Tiffany Williams did a great job. I love listening to her narrate a cookbook. She has a clear voice and good even pacing (which is great if you are trying to follow the recipe while you cook). She also has a hint of enthusiasm here appropriate.