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Passion Play (River of Souls, #1)ARC

Passion Play (River of Souls, #1)ARC - Beth Bernobich This book seemed to be a very complete final draft of a story that still required some polishing. It will be interesting to see what this author can do in 4 or 5 years. She makes an attempt to subtly lead the reader into the magic side of the story, but the rules of the magic use and past lives never became clear to me.

The characters themselves were pretty one-dimensional, which isn’t always bad. However, I felt the main character was the same person on the last page as the one I met on the first page. While she had several experiences throughout the book, I didn’t really feel there was much internal character development. On the other hand, it was an easy read (didn’t have to look up any vocabulary words) and there were no unexpected twists and turns. I didn’t have to think about the book much; just along for the ride. This could be a good book for that weekend beach vacation, looking for some mental down-time.