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Hiding Gladys (A Cleo Cooper Mystery)

Hiding Gladys (A Cleo Cooper Mystery) - Lee Mims When I finished this book, I let out a deep sigh, blinked, and immediately looked around for the next Cleo Cooper mystery. Alas, there is not one. Yet. Though I have heard there is potentially another in the making. Lee Mims, take all the time you need to do your craft. I can wait for excellence. Simply, I thoroughly enjoyed this cozy mystery and I want more. This book didn’t try to outreach itself and kept the story line simple, fun, and engaging. One of the main things I appreciated about it was the protagonist Cleo. She knows what she wants and goes for it, in business, in recreation, and in bed.

If I have to chat about the faults of this book, which were few and minor and didn’t detract from my enjoyment, then I will. There are 2 handguns used by Cleo in this book, a Beretta and a Glock. However, she used some slang (baby 9) and I occasionally thought she was talking about the Glock and then later thought she was referring to the Beretta. So, if you are a handgun aficionado this discrepancy would probably stand out for you like it did for me. Also, there is one scene where our heroine shoots in a darkened house at someone she believes is a bad guy, which folks might question for all sorts of safety reasons – you can’t really tell if there is a third party or not in the house and shooting gives away your position quite well. And that’s all I got for flaws. Yep.

I liked the use of wildlife, nature, and a pet dog throughout the book to give the main characters depth. The minor conflict between Cleo and her ex-husband (he wants her back, the kids want her to go back to him) was intriguing; Cleo is quite good at setting her boundaries and still having a friendly, even friendly with benefits, relationship with her ex-husband. Cleo also has a snarky sense of humor – in particular there was a certain 9 inch joke during a boat chase that had me groaning and laughing at the same time. All in all, I am looking forward to the sequel coming out and seeing what other trouble Cleo can get into and out of. And I nearly forgot about the frogmore stew! I bet some of you wish I had – hehe!