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Book I, Gamadin: Word of Honor

Book I, Gamadin: Word of Honor - Tom Kirkbride Now, what did I think of this 2 hour + adventure? Well, it was so-so for me. First, let me start with a little confession – I liked Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure way too much during what must have been some formative years (try not to judge, though I am!). Surfer idiots save the work through time travel. So why can’t a different set of surfer idiots save the planet? There’s plenty of ‘dude’, ‘whoa!’, and ‘babe’ throughout this performance. I liked the aliens (good and bad and vehicular). I liked the geeky friends and the crazy robobs (robots with attitude).

So why was it so-so for me? Well, for the first half of it, the various cars had more of role than the women. And for most of the book, the women were delegated to looking hot, cooking, and screaming. Though the book did show promise at various points where Leucadia’s mom took front and center in the action, entering combat with competence. Alas, that was brief. Then we were back to awesome cars and 16-year old men firing alien weapons, while sending the half-alien daughter (Leucadia) – the only one besides her mom who would know anything about the alien tech- off to rustle up a meal. Sigh… So, yeah. I only had this one complaint about the book, but it was pervasive.

Still, if you have about 2 hours to kill, it was silly and fun. And there’s cool tech. And the hope of some competent, and sexy, women taking charge and showing the guys some martial expertise.

The Narration: As you can see from above, this was a pretty large crew for such a short book. They did a great job with the distinct voices and emotion (excitement, fear, surprise, etc.). There were a handful of times where I had trouble hearing the words for the exciting background sounds, but usually the words were some basics – Help! Get out of here!, etc. – or simply just screaming, so I didn’t miss any of the story.