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Pennies for the Ferryman

Pennies for the Ferryman - Jim Bernheimer Mike Ross is ex-military, having lost an eye and received some leg injuries while serving the country. He now lives with his mom as he tries to pull his life together; re-acclimatizing to civilian life, finding a job, multiple doctor visits, and plenty of physical therapy. Oh, and that ever so annoying tendency to see & hear ghosts. They aren’t all nice ghosts either and some of them can hurt him.

Mike decides to enroll in college, mostly as a way to stave off having to find a job at some fast food joint. There, he meets a young woman who has a ghost problem. Once he solves her ghost problem, their relationship starts having problems. If it’s not one thing, then it’s another. For a while, I was worried Mike would be a lonely hero. Then entered Candace (Candy) who is older and refreshingly secure in her sexuality. Also, she is responsibly employed as a police officer. These two make a good team.

As Mike starts to question his sanity, ghost after ghost proves that it isn’t just all in his head. His ability to interact with the spirit world make him a Ferryman. But as his ability becomes more common knowledge, various entities start messing with him – ghosts, humans, Skinwalkers. Yep, it’s never a slow day in Mike’s world. Luckily, he has some good friends in his corner.

If you check out my blog often, then you know I am a Jim Bernheimer fan. Pennies for the Ferryman does not disappoint! It was a great listen from start to finish. The action is nicely mixed with moments of introspection or character building (via his relationships with others). While there are fewer ladies than the guys, they play pivotal roles. The world building was fun to watch coalesce, as Mike explores his new abilities and the world those abilities dump him into. And these abilities (for both Mike and the other supernatural characters) followed distinct rules which gave the story a nice framework for the plot to happen.

Part mystery, part ghost story, all good intense fun. So looking forward to the sequel!

Narration: Jeffrey Kafer did another excellent job. He also narrated the D-List Supervillain novels. He had a great beat-upon voice for Mike. His female voices were feminine and distinct. He had to come up with a variety of accents and sometimes spooky voices for the ghosts. His narration was a joy to listen to!