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Lotion: A Horror Short Story in The Hunger Series

Lotion: A Horror Short Story in The Hunger Series - Jason Brant The world has been hit hard by illness, an illness that leaves raving Day Walkers wandering around who eventually devolve into these light intolerant, mutated, super strong, and super aggressive beasts. Adam watched as his beloved city fell apart, and then he smartly found a bank vault he lock himself into. Yet eventually he must wander out for food and sustenance, which is when he meets Greg, a man truly not in touch with the reality of the situation.

Folks, The Hunger is my current favorite series! So I had to check out this short story, which initially appeared in the anthology Apocalypse edited by Cynthia Shepp. Now you can buy the ebook version of this short story as a stand alone. If you haven’t read The Hunger series, this work does stand on it’s own. Here you meet two characters that show up in Book 2, but there aren’t any particular spoilers for Book 2.

Adam is a practical man and a bit clever. He saw the world was going barbaric and primal and he gathered some essential supplies and found a bank vault. A week or so later, he needs to resupply so he heads for his old nearby apartment (as he is like 90% sure he will find what he needs there) and comes across his idiot neighbor Greg. Much danger for Adam ensues….and much humor for the reader. Greg is so oblivious to the danger he is in that he provides plenty of comedic relief to a very serious situation.

The ending veers a little from the version of their introduction to the main series in Book 2, but not so much as to be jarring. The ending lets the reader decide if they made it out or not. This short story is an excellent addition to the series. I really enjoyed it not only for Greg’s antics but also for another person’s views on the nocturnal monsters that now rule the city.