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The Gaslight Dogs

The Gaslight Dogs - Karin Lowachee The story switches back and forth between Sjenn’s point of view and that of Jarrett’s, capturing the two main cultures. Set in a gaslight world of seven deities and warring tribes and the ever pressing Sairlanders, Karin Lowachee transports the reader into the hearts and minds of two complicated characters. This book took my respect for Lowachee’s works to a new level. Her ability to capture another culture and mindset and transport the reader into those hearts and minds is well demonstrated in this book. This book will be one of those that I return to again and again over the years, each time gaining some new insight from it. The book ends on an open note and I am very much hoping that Orbit (or another publisher) publish the rest of the series. I have a need for more Lowachee. Orbit, I’ll be sending you a memo. MORE LOWACHEE.

The only slightly negative note is:
As long as I could give the book it’s due of 20-50 pages at a time, I absolutely loved this novel. In shorter increments, I felt slightly out of place, like I was trying to engage in a foreign language briefly at the corner cafe.