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Around the World in 80 Days

Around the World in 80 Days - Jim  Dale, Jules Verne I was suprised how much I enjoyed this book. The reader did a great job with the accents, etc. There was music and sound effects, which really added to the story.

While most of the characters are pretty 2D, they still managed to suprise me. But I have to say, all these years, I was positive there was a balloon in this story! And there is not. A balloon is mentioned and one is on the cover.......but that is it. Am I the only one who has labored under this delusion?

Most of the story takes place in the British Empire (colonial or otherwise) and America. I was not expecting the Mormons to be in this book - but it makes sense since they had to cross through Utah on the railroad.

If you have been thinking about reading this classic, Jim Dale does a great job reading this edition.