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The Curse of the Pharaohs

The Curse of the Pharaohs  - Elizabeth Peters In this mystery, Emerson and Amelia return to Egypt at the request of a friend, the recently widowed Mrs. Baskerville. She knows Emerson from many years back and treats him with more affection that Emerson is wholey comfortable with. Mr. Baskerville died while excavating a tomb and left strict instructions that his work should continue in the event of his passing. However, a local reporter has spun the story up with a tale of a curse, causing the local workers to hesitate in assisting the Emersons in the dig.

Before you know it, other folks start dying, a one-eyed thief is trying to inspire the locals to rob the tomb, and a mysterious lady in white is roaming the area stirring up the fears of ghosts and efreets. Emerson takes more than 1 knock to the head and is nearly inadvertently shot by Amelia. He is also harassed by a deranged alcoholic woman who dresses in ancient Egyptian style and purports to have visions of her past lives in which Emerson was her lover. This adds greatly to the comedy of the book.

Meanwhile, Amelia is trying to unravel the mystery of the multiple deaths from the beginning. She also tries to play matchmaker between Mary, the aspiring artist, and her numerous suitors. At one point, she is nearly inadvertently poisoned by Emerson. Oops.