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Hull Zero Three

Hull Zero Three - Greg Bear, Dan John Miller This Greg Bear tale is told through the sometimes exhaustion-bleared, and sometimes shocked wide-open, eyes of one dude who is woken up to a very nasty shock. Earth was in desperate straights and put together a very fancy, very large ship to send humanity out to a very, very distant star system. The ship had everything that could possibly be needed for such a long voyage, with every horrible scenario thought about and planned for. So they thought.

This was an odd book. On one hand, keeping the reader as ignorant as the main character really made me feel the dude’s vexation at the whole situation. However, I am not sure I enjoyed being vexed and in the dark for roughly 7 of the 9 hours of the book. Still, I finished it because I wanted answers and the last 2 hours of the book were pretty good because things were coming together and there was this sense of danger and clarity and hope all at the same time. Most of our characters don’t have names until near the end of the book.

Dan John Miller was a good choice for this book. He had a steady voice for the main dude and his little girl voices were well done too. There were two characters later in the book with deep voices; I especially liked Miller’s portrayal of these two characters, with his growly voice for one. Sometimes his job was tough as some of the characters had twins; Miller tackled this well by adding lassitude or anxiety to one twin but not the other, which made it easy to keep track of who was talking.