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Bound for Eternity

Bound for Eternity - Sarah Wisseman, Priscilla Holbrook An ancient mummified mystery gets wrapped up in a modern day tangle of death in this Boston crime fiction. I enjoyed this book from the beginning. Call it a mystery fetish: I like things going down in museums. Lisa, the narrator of the story, and sleuth of ancient and just-yesterday mysteries is so real because she worries about her job, her kid, her friends, and her love life. She makes mistakes and tries to fix the ones that matter.

If this story has a main character flaw, it is that James, the successful boyfriend, was without flaw, and hence, without character depth. But I was able to overlook this as I wanted some tranquility for Lisa, who is stuck in a difficult job situation as a single parent and with the added pressure of having her coworkers knocked-off on a regular basis. Overall, this was an entertaining read.

Even though this is Book 2 in the series, it read just fine as a stand-alone mystery.