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The Adventures of Stanley Delacourt (Hartlandia, #1)

The Adventures of Stanley Delacourt (Hartlandia, #1) - Ilana Waters This story was well written and well paced, mixing in the action with character development and dialogue. Each person we meet in the story was well-defined and I didn’t feel like I was simply visiting with 20 versions of the main character. The mix of magic, small town country concerns, and touches of modernism gave this tale by Ilana Waters a unique feel. the main message throughout the book was repeated in various ways without being overbearing of turning the Story into a Lesson – Think For Yourself.

Stanley meets several good-natured beings on his trip, who gift him with various items, wisdom, or other aid. While I liked all these characters and Stanley’s interactions with them, after the second one I felt that some things were coming a little too easily to Stanley. Still, it wasn’t enough to deter me from happily finishing the book. One other minor criticism, which might not be a criticism at all for younger readers, was that the evil never seemed real to me because there were no bodies – we were simply told this person or that person was dead without actually seeing them laid out. No body, no crime. I need a cold body to believe. Once again, this minor irk wasn’t enough to keep me to enjoying the book.