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Hope for the Wicked (Larry Laughlin, #1)

Hope for the Wicked (Larry Laughlin, #1) - Edward Lorn Honestly, I am not quite sure how to write this review as this was a tough, harsh book. Yet for anyone who has family or friends or who has lived through some tough crap, as captured in this book, has probably held a fantasy of doing some vengeance killing. And that is how it started for both Mo and Larry. Each molested as children, they grow up to put an end to it for other children, taking on assassination jobs where the targets are child molesters. Their work has taken them all over the world in the decade or so they have been together. But as time went on, Larry lost his taste for it and urged both of them into the mostly legal and tame job of PI. However, Mo had never really lost her desire for it, and eagerly looks forward to this current case.

This case ends brutally. The violence isn’t all sexied up like what Hollywood usually does with rape. So on one hand I applaud the author, Edward Lorn, for not falling into that common trap. On the other hand, I don’t think I could read this book if I was in a sad or dark place myself. Despite the dark nature of this book, I found it compelling and I read it over 2 nights. I look forward to seeking out other Lorn novels, as mood permits me.